Wednesday, January 12

Ohno & Misono?

this latest disturbing me!!!
not that i'm jealous...since he is should have someone she likes & dates!
but Misono? urgh??
i just knew she is the younger sis to my fav singer, Koda Kumi!!! OMG!
i dont like misono so much..but i saw her few times in Arashi Bangumi ( Arashi no shukudaikun & VS Arashi)..
and..honestly...i think she didnt suit riida so much..huhu
she laughed a lots! 
i didnt read the rumours yet...but...i just found out from Kwee chan..huhu...
ohno in disguise again...and..this time...the rumours still on his face..
i think he is the one that took many blames on him! many paparazzi did those rumours things to him..
pity riida...since he is at his own pace (mostly)..i dont understand why people disturb his calmness!
and this latest gossip??? OMG!

 Misono with her sister, Koda! :)

*pity Oh-Chan!!*

P/s: i wonder how Arashi will react to this. Laughing..maybe..haha.

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Anonymous said...

I do not like this girl is not pretty.

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