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Shonen vs Shoujo Manga!

Ada beza tau!!
Dari segi ejaan pon dah tau kan..hehe...apa lagi??

*terpengaruh dengan Himitsu no ArashiChan episode Perfume!!* huhu
Credit: Lianne!! :)

shounen (boys') manga is usually about fighting, mystery/action, sci-fi, or sports. Stories about ninja or samurai are quite frequent, robots and gadgets are popular, and you can hardly flip through a shounen manga magazine without noticing a title about soccer or basketball (or several titles, for that matter). Fighters in action/superhero manga usually start off solo or in a small pack and expand to a decently-sized group, and at least several enormously powerful good guys are usually present within it (including the hero). It's not rare for the good guy's strength or firepower to be equivalent to several normal men's, for example.

Contoh: GANTZ ...haha... a bit hentai anime..but...I LIKE!!! :) / One piece is OKAY! haha.

Shoujo (girls') manga, on the other hand, is usually about relationships, nine times out of ten focusing on a romantic one. Shoujo has its fair share of superhero stories--take Sailor Moon, for example, and all the "magical girl" (yes, that's the name of a genre) manga like it--but shoujo features many titles about nothing special at all: just a girl, and the boy she's in love with, and their romantic hijinks. Shoujo is usually less about the goal and more about the "getting there," so, while a shounen manga may have a very desirable ambition and a very specific route the characters must follow to succeed, shoujo titles usually stay away from that formula and focus more on the varying things that happen to the lead throughout her life. It's not uncommon for a shoujo heroine to never reach or even stick to her initial goal, because she'll often find something more important (like the boy next door rather than that hod-rod upperclassman) along the way

Contoh: Midori no hibi ...haha...I LIKE!!! :)/ Kaichou wa Maid Sama!! :P

 Kaichou wa Maid sama (2010)

Midori no hibi (2004)

shoujo is infamous for having gorgeous male exchange students or troublesome female classmates pop up and stir things up a bit--but bonds outside of the main two or three people are usually less solid, and a shoujo lead is perfectly able to live her own life with her man and leave her friends to their own devices (or, frankly, out of the story). Shounen manga is usually much more hesitant to let cast members go. (Patut la FEMES!!! huhu)...

Shounen manga usually gives its male characters ridiculously spiky hair, its girls big eyes and chests, and is very cavalier about nudity.  

Shoujo usually features even bigger eyes, protective bishounen (pretty boys), and its nudity, although perhaps less gratuitous, is more sensual and/or sexual. 

Shounen art styles are usually solid and very black-and-white and follow a very easy-to-follow panel layout, but shoujo is often more artistic and less exact, whimsical (imagine girls standing in the wind with long flowing hair), features more screen toning (shading) and has variety within its panel layouts--this is reflective of story content, considering shounen needs you to follow fights or games but shoujo has to portray a lot of thinking and "feeling" scenes.  

Shoujo color art is usually superior, with breathtaking color palettes and artistic styling as opposed to shounen's simple "colored-in covers" feel of most of its color work.


P/s: i still choose Shoujo!!! haha :P

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