Wednesday, January 12

With Love From Japan!

Apa ni??? haha...
this is...a gift from my penpal (Japanese Gurl)..currently she's in Tokyo..working ne!!!
She did give me all this!!!! yatta!!
i love all the gift above...1st pic (left) the Jhonny's plastic that bag..have 2 photos of my lovely Jun :P
3rd piccha is her New year Card...since this year is (usagi-rabbit) year...there's one usagi behind the card! haha...and..the Matsujun!!! Yatta!! :)
 4th is....
follow by the first 3 picchas from 2nd MATSUJUN CALENDAR for 2011!!!!!!!!!
Yatta!!...i didnt asked for this...but she buy it for me :)
the last pic in second row is Matsujun Uchiwa (small)..she buy when she attend Arashi Scene Tour 2010-2011 in Osaka ne (Yeah,,,she's going since she's one of Arashi Fanclub members. Only a members can go to their concert. Well..that's my dream too!! :P)
Last my 1st t-shirt from JAPAN!!..yea...i request this one!!..i want it so much..wearing this shirt...and..when i looked at it...i will put my determination to go to JAPAN on one fine day!!!

Arigatou ne Kao chan...anata wa...yasashi onna no hito desu. watashi wa...anata ga...sukida!!! :)
Let's walk together for this year too!! hope this year bring us luck! :)

P/s: Arigatou!!!

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.:Farah Liyana:. said...

bestnya! :)

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