Sunday, January 16

The Hardest Things

I sleep all night,
Right by your side
I love to hear you breathing, breathing
The morning light
Opens my eyes
It's nearly time for leaving, leaving
I know that it seems
Like it's easy for me
I wish you could feel What's going on inside of me

It's the hardest thing I ever have to do

To walk away from you
When I wanna hold you
It's the hardest thing in every single day
To have to turn away
I want you to know that
This is the hardest thing

Another day

Is years away
I close my eyes
To see your face
The more I wait
The longer it takes
It feels like time is standing still
Where ever you go What ever you do I want you to know That you are on my mind


Just to let go of your hands

To make you understand that to love you
Feel you
Till the time I see you again
It's the hardest thing


I sleep all night

Right by you side
I love to hear you breathing, breathing

i love to hear a sad sad emotional songs..when my heart is broken. that's it. if anybody cant bear me..stay away from my page!

P/s: I'm not in the mood for love.

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