Sunday, January 16

M.e.k.a.p's the shop name in Tesco Kulai.. some kind of folo my senior going back hometown at Felda Taib Andak :P
there is where Mawi hometown..haha...
then..after going there..we visit Tesco Kulai

in this shop..have LOTS...TONS of..cute goodies!!!! urgh...Most of Hello Kitty Stuff :)
haha....i buy these thingy! (no way im going to buy hello Kitty OKAY) :)

It's Chibi Maruko Chan Fingernail Tip & Domo Kun KeyChain :)

P/s: dont have mood ..PMS is killing me. urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:: anne_aNzaNar :: said...

seniorr????gosh!! makes me feel old lorr....

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