Tuesday, December 28

Life is all about

Sometimes...i do felt like a stranger...walking alone..and people kept staring at me...
Naze (why)? That is not the feelings that i want to...
that is because i am too fat? urgh! I dont care!

And when i all alone in this world...who will i rely on? Besides Allah, for sure i need a friend.
There is few friends that can holding up with us for a long time...from my experiences before, only few of my friends stick up with me...after 10 years? hehe...
One of them already engage last few days...they are what we called as "buddies"..true buddies that never ditch u up when u needs them..Friends, i love u guys!
i have a wonderful family. A great siblings...and a wonderful partner. although i never thought i can live up so long for them..i'll try my best to cheer up people around me. there is one thing that i'll never give up to do! :)
this morning...i keep listening to this song...
Cheer me UP~~~
Yui- Life!

In the city I'm not used to that's full of dirt,
I can't laugh the same way... I walked looking down.
People passing each other busily -
have their dreams already been fulfilled?
I'm still in the midst of struggle...

Rather than returning to my childhood,

I want to try living better in the present.
I was born a coward...

"If I go to a sunny spot and stretch my arms out,

I wonder if I can go beyond the sky",
is what I thought.

I can't see the wings I need to fly away yet...

It's because it's not simple that I can go on living.

I just picked up a wet puppy

and was a little overwhelmed with laughter,
my tears were flowing out.
"I want to be loved, I just want to be loved"
is what I said. It's no good asking for it, is it?

When I was a child, there were days when I hurt my mom badly -

Right now I want to change everything.

I went to a sunny spot and tried holding your hand tightly -

I will destroy that place, that time so I can change my life.

But I really can't express everything that's in my heart...

It's because it's not simple that I can go on living

I went to a sunny spot, spread my map and looked -

I know... You know... that getting lost can't be helped.
I can change my life.

All the days that have passed make up the me that's here now

It's because it's not simple that I can go on living...

P/s: Ganbarru~ :)

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