Wednesday, December 29

Taketombo (Bamboon dragonflies)

Haha..this is inspired after i watched arashi bangumi ne...
there is one thing that caught my attention...that is this thing:
TAKETOMBO!...apa tu?..ermp..did u guys watching DORAEMON?..DORAEMON &NOBITA flies using this thing!!!!
Amazing ne...

Taketombo, which means bamboo dragonfly, is a traditional Japanese toy that flies like a helicopter. In art class, students made their own taketombo using balsa wood, sandpaper and sticks. By testing how well their models flew, students learned that factors such as weight, balance and lift affect flight performance.

Children in Japan always make their teketombo by themselves! :)

P/s: Mau Beli satu bley? :P

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