Monday, December 27

hey..hey hey :P

I'm back!!! after a long journey to terengganu for my bestfriend engagement :)
Happy for her!!! and almost cried for her happy day!
Thanks so much for nisa...untuk semua kemudahan for me & rumate for 3 days
Thanks for kai..accompanied me ..for..what...1 day..haha. (i total up semua) :P
Aisey...dalam pendrive..tapi check2 balik..takde :( sedey!!! huhu
And for arashi member, Aiba Masaki...
he turn 28 on 24.12.10...Happy bestday aiba chan~~~ :)

wah...ureshii yo....i'm feel so nice with this feelings :)
i surrounded with the good people..nice environment..and lovely friends :)
i love everything i have for now!
I wont let them go away!

P/s: Love everything about me!!! :)

2 Comment on Script:

nis n4d (*_~) said...

ur most welcome... datang lagi!


FaDzLiNa said...

hehe..mesti la datang...temankan mg yang kesorangan :P

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