Thursday, June 23


Issue yang menjadi-jadi sebab menda ni je. Apa? POKE.
haha. yer...satu application kat Facebook. yang digunakan semua orang (yeke?)..saya..for sure lah.
Ermp..dari poke ni bley jadi kawan kah? Maybe
Ermp..dari poke ni, bley kah kita senyum sorang-sorang? Maybe
Ermp..dari poke ni, bley pulak kita lupakan hati yang sakit? For SURE lah.

I dont know whether i'm doing the right thing, but one thing i love to realize is: I already leaved the one that i'm not supposed to be with... i cried (YES, and DAMN!)...All the things & stuff that remind me of him...really is killing me inside (belum masok tengok profile fb dia tiap-tiap hari...adei. such a stooopid stalker!)
And all i want  right now is: I want to be happy. & with this Poke thingy...please..heal me up!

It's quite awkward from the start...but i'll give a try. For the First Time.

P/s: I'm not using Mr. poke.  He's worth the try to move on. I'll wanna give my best shot.

2 Comment on Script:

Nurul Jannah said...

chill :)

temoxskema said...

poke dan hempok , harhar :p

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