Monday, May 30


Nodame Cantabile is coming to END dah...
tadi baru abes tengok Final movie Nodame Cantabile Live action ( Tamaki senpai & ueno Juri) 
Cite dia...have a good ending...
and i completely fall in love with Chiaki senpai!! :) some rumours on Tamaki (chiaki) hiroshi ni..rupa2 nya..he reported to be dating Yuriko Yoshitaka!!! adoyai!!! jaoh kot beza umur...Tamaki is 31 this year...and Yuriko is just 22~~
Before this..tamaki is related to Kato Rosa (26)...but they break up after 4 years together. Tamaki is said to seen yuriko at Love Shuffle dorama set..and getting closer.
This is reported on year 2010. early this 2011...they reported breaking up...due to both of them are busy and didnt make time for each other (Tamaki senpai...u should learn how to make time for your Nino did!! :P)

Back to's the end!!!  sad but...with the happy ending..should be fine! :)

TERBAEK!!!! Love them both!

P/s: Mao lelaki macam Chiaki! :)

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