Monday, May 30

Matsu-ken is married!!

waaaa!!!!!!! *sob* *sob*
Sedih kejap..
tapi takpe...sebab dia kawen dengan the most lovely girl...i love and approved! :P
Poyo je kan??? haha

He married with the most-beuatiful girl in Japan : Koyuki!! :)

It’s been revealed that actor Matsuyama Kenichi (26) and actress Koyuki (34) registered their marriage on April 1st, and are already living together.
According to both of their agencies, the couple already reported their marriage to the people that are close to them, but the announcement to the public was delayed under the consideration towards the disaster victims.
The couple first met each other back in 2008,  when they co-started in movie “Kamui Gaiden” (released in 2009), and since then they have grown their love very openly.
Koyuki isn’t pregnant yet, therefore, she will keep pursuing her career.
Congratulations to the big couple!
Source: TokyoHive!

Koyuki penah acted together with my beloved Matsujun in Kimi wa Petto! :)

P/s: Congrats MatsuKen. :)

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