Saturday, May 28

Being Arashian for weekend!

This is one part of me that...susah sangat nak buang.
Iaitu...bersama2 Arashi...punya bangumi..!!!
Kadang2..leh stay depan computer sampai lebih 10 jam untuk rancangan diaorg saja.
Latest...saya addict dengan Himitsu no Arashi Chan & Arashi ni Shiagare. haha
Watched until sakit mata2 depan laptop ni.

Tapi bagus la...dengan tengok heart wont thinking much ..other than...mao ke JAPAN ASAP!!! haha...
I dont care what happened in their country right now...cause i knew..they have a strong heart face the days.
They smiled even in the worst conditions. 
I love their spirit & cultural.
Please...let me be part of it soon!!! :)

P/s: Arashi...Daisuki~~~~ ^_^

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