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Arashi - Girlfriend Type!

Sakurai Sho

My favorite type is a girl who doesn't make me take care of her. In other words, I like a girl whom I feel I can talk with easily....or a girl who doesn't mind even if we don't have a talk for a long time..Therefore, I want to begin to make friends with her, and then date her after we get to know each other enough. When I have a girl friend, I don't feel like showing off toward her. I prefer to communicate with her in the same way as I do with my male friends, and if she gets to like me in such a process, that would be best. I want her to communicate with me like that, too. When falling in love with someone, we tend to pay much attention to it. It must be natural for us, but I want to maintain a sense of distance between me and my girl friend and have my own private time without her. In my case, I don't agree to the ideas something like, "because I'm a man, I should take a leadership when being with a girl friend" or "men should protect women." I want to be equal to my girl friend. But I also want to be a man who can protect my girl when it's necessary. In addition, there should be some rules between men and women, at least. As for girls, I hate those who are sitting on the ground outside. It looks too rude. On the train, too, there are many girls who are ill-mannered, and I get disappointed at such girls all the time. (laugh) Saying "I love you" to girls? I can't do it! I think I tend to become cool and blunt. Saying "I love you" is just embarrassing for me (laugh). Because I've been in boy's school, I may be prejudiced toward Valentine Day, like "What the heck is that???"(laugh) Since Valentine Day is mainly just for girls, I prefer to put more emphasis on my girl friend's birthday. I want to balance between my work and family in the future. Also, I want to be a person who has got a unique sense.

Matsumoto Jun

I often talk about love with my friends. Even if we already know that we don't have own girlfriends, we ask each other like, "Did you get your girl friend?" and look forward to hearing the answer like, "Not yet!" But I'll get upset when there is someone who answers "Yes, I've got it!" (laugh) I used to be just romantic toward love. My favorite type is a girl who is pure and gentle. In addition, I want her to have different characters and a different sense of values. When I'm in trouble and ask her for some advice, if she's got the same ideas as I do we both will not be able to see anything in a wide range. If she can think in a different way from I do, she may give me better advice. Of course, we may also have a crush each other because of it though. (laugh) There are many events, such as Valentine's Day and Xmas and they should be enjoyable for those who have own partners, but terrible for those who don't have.  As for Valentine, I would follow my partner's plan, anyway. I usually decide anything by myself but my girl friend may not make her honest feelings clear, right? It must depend on her character, but the best way for us is being honest toward each other depending on the situations, I think. In the future, I want to accomplish my own work, and obtain skills to judge various type of things. Also, I want to be a person who can understand others' feelings quickly. When I take interviews for magazines, I just have to tell them what I already know, but it's not that easy to work for dramas or something like that. We have to act for what we don't know. It means that we have to think about "What would my character be feeling in this situation???" so it's tough!!!

Aiba Masaki

My favorite type of girls? ....none especially. All the girls with whom I fell in love so far have nothing in common. I don't know which parts of them really attract me. Because I don't believe love at first sight, I don't have any special feelings toward girls even if I feel they are cute. I fall in love with someone after I really communicate with her. After I leave her, I feel like talking with her again, and may find that I'm in love with her then (laugh). I don't want to be necking with my girlfriend in public because our relationship will last longer if we keep some sort of distance between us, you know. We do what we like to do freely, have our own time... it'll be best if we can have respect for each other like that. When I was in elementary school, girls brought lots of chocolates on Valentine's Day. I once got two chocolates from the same girl (laugh). But I can't understand why we have to say, "I love you" because it's Valentine's Day. This may be because I'm a man though (laugh). Today, it's said that boys are weaklings, but I think girls are too strong. In my family, I can see that (laugh). But this may make the relationship between men and women smooth, I guess. I want to be a man who has strong spirits. In this world, there should be some people who have mature ideas even at my age. On the other hand, there may be adults who still have innocence. Either type is attractive for me. I want to be a cool person in the future with having good experiences.

Ohno Satoshi

There are lots of handsome guys in the world, such as those who are chosen as 'best' something. But I don't want it. It may be good for being called "handsome" in general, but a man I really feel handsome or cool must be able to take care of even tiny matters. Therefore, I'm now trying best for becoming such a man. When it comes to my work, I want to be talented for various fields like acting, singing and dancing. It would be best that I could be satisfied with every single work, but I guess it will never happen in the future. I've never been satisfied with my own work so far. But not being able to be satisfied with it should positively affect me. We can grow up in the process of pursuing something, right? Besides, simply I want to be a good daddy. (laugh) My favorite type is a girl with beautiful eyes. Now, there are some girls called "ganguro" with terrible make-ups, but I want to say "just being natural must be way better" to them (laugh). How do I change when falling in love with someone? If it's one-sided love, I will get crazy about her day by day and then tells her "I love you" honestly in the end. If she rejects me....I'll feel just "Oops" and then it'll be over. (laugh) If we've been dating for 6 months? Am I too picky? (laugh) Hm...I won't quarrel with her at all. Probably, we'll stay home together listening to music or chatting because I don't like going out. Therefore, I want my girl friend to be, more or less, on the same wave length as me. I don't like horsing around so much about Valentine's Day or Xmas. Instead, I prefer to give her a present on the normal days, and it must make her more happy. I like that...
Ninomiya Kazunari

My favorite type is a girl with beautiful hands. I see her hands at first when I meet a girl. If she's got slim, long fingers, I will be just gazing at her hands for sure (laugh). When I feel she's got "beautiful hands" then I turn my gaze on her face, and may think, "Oops, her hands don't tell how she looks like..." (laugh) But we never know what kind of person he/she is until we talk with him/her so only the appearance is not enough in terms of talking my "ideal" girlfriend. My ideal girlfriend in the real sense of meaning is one who has the same sense of values as me. What is important is that we can feel the same way towards anything, like laughing, crying, irritating, pleasing together. Even when being together and having no talk at all, we want to stay natural, not minding it at all. When I don't feel like talking, I don't want her to ask me like, "What was your day today?" Therefore, I'm not going to do what she feels means that my girlfriend should be one who is really similar to myself (laugh). Say...when I'm depressed, I want her to just let me alone without caring about me. I think that we can understand more or less what kind of person he/she is at first impression. Then, if we feel our sense of values are the same while talking, we'll have a good relationship each other. In addition, it'll be best if she is gentle. My own sense of love....I think I'll get cooled down when I fall in love with someone (laugh). (matsujun sitting next to nino is opposing to this saying "No no, you'll think about nothing except for your girlfriend! (laugh)") No no, I prefer to enjoy one-sided love. Even though we are in love, we can't be together....I like such situations (laugh). I want to be a father who can see things at the same level as my kids done. I want to let my kids have various experiences so that they can have more options in their lives. In addition....for example, if I can work with the future Juniors at the age of 30 or so (laugh), I don't want to be like the one saying "In my Jr's days..." instead I want to become a senior who can understand what those younger generations feel/think.

Nino is reported dating Sazaki Naomi after he broke up with Nagasami last year. they had been dating since last winter...they met in the Himitsu no arashichan where Sazaki came as V.I.P room guest.
Hontou???? Ermp..let see how long this will lasted.

Jun currently...still being relate to Inoue Mao chan...since they are the co-star in Hanadan...i think they are just close friend indeed of in relationship 

Sho is related to Horikita Maki ...but they have no comment about it 

Ohno? ermp...i cant see him dating anyone...haha...

Aiba? this really....un-expected. i would like to see who will attach to him ne! :)
P/s: Love them until i grew up old!!! :)

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