Sunday, January 2

Youkai (GeGeGe Kitaro)

Youkai is MONSTER.
Just now..i watched Arashi no shukudaikun (AnS)..awal2 punya episode...ada tentang Shukudai (Lesson/practice) on youkai...best2...
mamat paling femes dalam hal youkai ni: KITARO & the geng!!
hehe...sape kitaro?
dia Ninja Kid yang di create untuk Game oleh BANDAI..akhirnya...dipopularkan oleh semua orang...
few pics on him and the geng!

Untuk Tengok laen2 geng kitaro...Click sini:  GeGeGe Kitaro Youkai!

The original Japanese version is notably different from the American version. The main character is kitaro and his main weapon is his hair rather than darts. His sub-weapons are a flying finger instead of shuriken, his vest instead of the feather, and a boomerang. All of these weapons function the same as the ones of the protagonist of the American version, Kyo; they just use different sprites. The fireball sub-weapon remains the same. Somewhat bafflingly, one level is inhabited by "western" film monsters like Frankenstein's Monsters and Count Dracula; the boss of said level is a Buckbaird. The scroll which unlocks the fortress is a crystal ball in the original version.

Ada movie juga tentang Kitaro & the geng :

*Inoue Mao* LOL :)

P/s: Leh la kitaro kawan dengan Kaibutsukun! :P

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