Saturday, January 1

ふるさと (HometOwn)

For this new year...i just FALL in LOVE with this song by Arashi...
ぼくのふるさと (My HometOwn)...
It's a  lovely song...a beautiful lyrics...and everything is KAKKOI...
Arashi perform this last night (31.12.10) at Kohaku performances!

Credit: Yuminami LJ

夕暮れせまる空に 雲の汽車見つけた
なつかしい匂いの町に 帰りたくなる
ひとりひとりの笑顔が いま
僕の そばに
ここは ふるさと
君の ふるさと
僕の ふるさと

yuugure semaru sora ni  kumo no kisha mitsuketa
natsukashii nioi no machi ni  kaeritaku naru
hitamuki ni toki wo kasaneru
omoi wo tsumugu hito tachi
hitori hitori no egao ga   ima
boku no soba ni
meguriaitai hito ga soko ni iru
yasashisa hirogete matteiru
yama mo kaze mo umi no iro mo
ichiban sunao ni nareru basho
wasurerarenai uta ga soko ni aru
te to te wo tsunaide kuchizusamu
yama mo kaze mo umi no iro mo
koko wa  furusato
kimi no  furusato
boku no  furusato

Twilight closes in on the sky  And I spotted a train of clouds
I want to return to my (home)town,  its familiar fragrance
Earnestly adding up the moments
The people who make up the threads of my memories
Each and every one of their smiles,  are now
With  me
The people I want to see are there
Spreading kindness, waiting for me
The colors of the mountains, wind, and the sea
The place where I can be myself the most
The stories I can't forget are there
We join hands, singing to ourselves
The colors of the mountains, wind, and the sea
This is  our hometown
Your  hometown
My  hometown

(Happy New Year) !!

I'm so glad that i've learned Japanese & Getting good in it...
And...also glad to be an Arashian!!! :)

P/s: Love!

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