Friday, January 14

Toei Bus

Tadi my 1st class for JLPT 4 (N4) class for this year...haha
As favorite sensei..with his jokes and stories about Japan...
since last month he had been in Japan for one month...
therefore he told us about the technology in Japan
this is one of it.
Toei Bus (To-Bus)..other  name..would be...Non-STEP bus!!!
Non-Step??? how we should go into the bus??

A true non-step bus suitable for Japan's aging, welfare-based society. Released in March, 1997, it had center drop front and rear axles, a transversely arranged engine, and an angle drive system. In addition to a version with front and middle doors, a variant with front, middle, and back doors was also released. A step height of just 300 mm and a completely flat aisle enabled totally safe movement inside the vehicle and helped spread its popularity as the first non-step bus in Japan.

this bus...gonna stop very near to the road...(while people is..LINE UP) waiting turn to get up on the bus. the bus will slightly "senget" to get u go up to bus directly :)
WOW...just one word...WOW...
i cant imagined it..but sensei look kakkoi...and while he is staring at the bus..he's thinking..."ah...Malaysia still too long for this technology ne..."..and yeah...i agree with him X_X

Tokyo Metropolitan (Toei) Buses
Toei operates about 120 bus routes in the city of Tokyo. The routes cover most of the city, but in some parts, private bus operators provide all bus service. The Toei bus fleet consists of about 1500 buses which is possibly the second largest bus fleet in Japan. As is typical in Japan, the fleet consists of a wide variety of buses from all major Japanese manufacturers. All new buses are of the non-step variety.

Toei Bus was the first to have "wrapped buses" in Japan. The idea was governer Ishihara's. At first many people thought it might make the city scene unpleasant, but the idea was popular. Now many Japanes bus operators have copied Toei in this regard. Also, Toei has been a pioneer in providing operating information to mobile phones garnering about half a million hits per day.

P/s: SAIKOU ne NIHON! :)

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