Tuesday, December 14

Received & wear THEM!

Ouh...i'm so happy today!!!
Why? cause i received THEM >> arashi SCENE tour goodies!
Thanks so MUCH for CherryBlossom! :)

 My CLEAR FOLDER file - Matsujun!!!

 My CLEAR FOLDER file....ARASHI!!! :)

 PHONE STRAPPED ARASHI!!!! kyaaa...i love this one so much!! :)

Hehe....my Lappie wallpaper! :)

P/s: Cant wait for the DVD this January!! :)

2 Comment on Script:

.:Farah Liyana:. said...

suka phone strap tu!!

FaDzLiNa said...

I pon!
Hehe...tapi..mahal sket la..
tapi..takpe..janji i suke! :p

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