Wednesday, December 15

Gossip 3

Latest Gossip from Japan...haha...
There are...some said that both of this guy...have a crush to Horikita Maki ( sape? the gurl dalam Ikamen Paradise tu)...ala...yang chomel2 tuh...haha

Sape the first guy?
Its TAKAHIRO dari EXILE...haha.
The news revealed that on the last tour of Exile, maki chan did come to their concert....and have meet eye to eye with TAKAHIRO....after the concert, TAKAHIRO did asked their escort maki chan going home..but at that time, he didnt know that maki chan is a famous actress!!!! haha...Funny ne Takahiro...
The latest news..i havent heard! :P

The second is..her co-partner in Tokujo Kabachi...SHO SAKURAI ( LOve Arashi members!)...hehe
they are rumours that maki chan did go out for drink with sho at the bar...but..there are one guy seems to escort them, the paparazzi thought maki chan and sho did used that guy as an excuse for them to date??? honto ni??? waaa
Plus, in one Arashi Bangumi, maki chan did appeared as a guest...and...she thinks..Sho will become a good husband indeed (unfortunately, maki chan choose Jun kun as the guy she want to be her husband ne...haha).

Who will Maki Chan choose (Ouh...if me, i want them BOTH)..haha

P/s: Lucky u Maki!!! :P

3 Comment on Script:

.:Farah Liyana:. said...

hah? tak sesuai la! dulu kan dia ngn yamapi ~

FaDzLiNa said...

hehe..Yamapi leave her..for Kitagawa Keiko ( Partner Yamapi dalam Buzzer Beat ) :)

nadzirah aqilah said...

hahaha.. bley tahan ramai juga peminat horikita ni kan.. dulu mula2 banyak dia berlakon dgn yamapi.. tapi maki ni memang kiut pub.. hehehe

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