Friday, December 31

Luv Oujisama! :)

Haha...i'm just finished watching Kaibutsukun SP...(too late i guess)...but..tanoshikatta.
i love the part Becky kissed Riida cheek..cause i can see that riida blushed so much after that!!
Kyaaa!!! sweet!
and...i LOVE riida reaction, voice, and his acting skill ne!!!
So lovely...huhu

*Becky is LUCKY!*

P/s: Matsujun also in this drama! Yatta! :)

I just LOVE THEM!!! :P

4 Comment on Script:

dyanamastor said...

sukerrrrr!! sbb Jun cameo dlm ni heheeh..
tao kan nnt akan kuar movie kaibutsu, n all 5 of them will b in it (~_^)

De'din said...

happy new year
hope all your dreams and wishes come true

FaDzLiNa said...

@dyana: tao..tao..cant wait!! :)
@ de'din: happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

kaibutsukun!!!!!! nk tgk x dpt2 lagi tgk!! i loveeee u Riida! :D

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