Wednesday, November 24


haha...i already watched twice the latest Harry Potter movies!
1st..with my sisters...and second, with my best friend. 
apa saya suka?? i think watak Dobby adalah hero dalam part one ni..

tapi...sebab dah lama abes baca buku dia...i'm lost!! huhu
quite ralat jugak...tengok Harry show off his bare body to all..huhu...for me..tak seswai sangat..
just a simple kiss between him & Ginny..should be okay..
and..i think..Ronald getting Fat!!!! (OMG)...haha

by the way..i rated this movies: 9.5/10...since...dia ada sambungan +  im a big fan of Hermione!!! hehe

Part best..untuk stay tengok cite ni:

1. Harry & kawan2 terbang ke the Burrows...
2. Nagini (ular Voldermort)..menyamar jadi Bathilda Bagshot
3. Waktu snatchers tangkap diaorang..and..bawa ke rumah Lucius Malfoy (ayah Draco) - i love this scene!
4. Waktu Ron musnahkan Horcrux (without that stupid imigination of harry & hermione)
5. Time Harry visit Godric Hollows (a place...tempat dia lahir & parent dikebumikan)
6. Harry, Ron & Hermione masuk Ministry of Magic -- Sangat BEST!!! hehe
7. Penerangan on Deathly Hollows di rumah ayah Luna Lovegood...- Sangat menarik!!

Ginny & Luna Lovegood (Ginny is GOOD for harry ne...) hihi

yang laen?? watch it okay!!! :)

p/s: i still love the series!!! :)

2 Comment on Script:

wunny said...

hee~ saya juge peminat HP! xDD

*Fawa* said...

wow..really damn fanatic with it huh?? same wif ya.. dobby is not the real hero actually..if u would be perfect if we put Ron Weasly n Hermoine... but its ok if u want it to..btw... i know both of us cant wait for the next saga huh?? part 2.. next july... hope daniel radcliffe make a perfect move with his character...aspecially when voldermort killed his own horcrux inside harry... huhuhu...

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