Wednesday, November 24

Candid! :)

Actually...i candid him (walaupon pic agak blur) ! :) Finally..after 5 years...hahaha...Caught you!!!

Gomenasai ne...Smurf!! hehe...
he is my bestfriend. 
the one yang stay with me..listen & kutuk & cakap2 apa yang betul/ tak betul/ semua2...dengan me
we maybe not even as close as others bestfriend...but..we are cool together...we can talk.. & share..
and..all that is matter!!

Smurf..i'll always support matter what u did. (but make wont hurt u in the end!) :)
wish u..happily ever after!!
CHOKI (yea..he did called me this) :)

p/s: atasi kegemukkan. hahaha. i'll remember this..from you! hahaha :P

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