Tuesday, October 5

Hope a Little Harder

I don't…
Have the bravery to say
What I…
What I really want to say to you
All that I can do is wait
And hope and hope
Hope a little harder

Of what it must be like to kiss you
So I'll just kiss you with my eyes
For now… For now
Till I have the heart to try
I'll hope, I'll hope
Hope a little harder

I hope you make it easy on me
Cause I'm too scared to move
I hope you feel the same way for me
Oh tell me that you do

Oh please
I can't will you into me
I need…
You to meet me in between
I think...
No, I know
You won't be sorry that you did
I can't sit, I can't sit…
Hoping forever

All I care about is you…

p/s: It's all about U

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