Tuesday, October 5


okay..saya baru dapat award dari cik shopaholic. a.k.a cik farah liyana...thanks dear..( i've done the first part bila dapat award ni right? say thanks for the person who give me the award :) )
tapi..tak faham concept award ni..tapi..layankan aje macam u buat ye! :) ermp..and..blog siwriterholic ni..sangat simple & takdelah chantek! huhu...(still thinking how to improve it...)

2. Spread the award to 15 bloggers who you like and think their blogs are awesome (mesti 15 ke? )

Kwee Ling

(ni je setakat ni)..huhu

3. Tell 7 things about yourself

  • i love arashi & japan. Almost addicted to all of their stuff.
  • i read always. book-holic!
  • Thing that i MUST bring & be with me 24/7: Handphone.
  • Day-dreamer!
  • Love to keep all the stuff i think useful & full of memories
  • Very EMO-ish & sensitive
  • Insomniac person

p/s: Thanks once again. (^_^)

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