Tuesday, June 28

Your Tribute...

I knew u gone. I lost all of u. 
But still...I still thinking that you are here. beside me..laughing with me. Asking the question with me. Sit and eat the meatballs in front of me. Make a joke to me. Buying me ice-cream..Drive me home safely. Shopping with me. Give me the pillow to hug when i'm sad. 

It's like..you never leave...

How can i should let you leave...when you appeared in my mind every morning i wake up..and just before i sleep..it's you i think about. People may say...I'm CRAZY...but..i didnt ask for this. Not once i want u to hurt me so deeply. 

U stay away from me. I figure out the reason why. Because u dont want me to stuck with you. I got it.
Dear u, teach me how i should forget all these things?

- Your musics that u suggested to me...and i kept playing it because ur musics suit mine?
- Your sweet part. Maybe u already stated that i'm not your choice..but why u kept my stuff with you? 

I dont know. I dont know why i can act like this when i'm with you. OR remember you.

I never forget you. Not even once. Even if i say i did...i just love the way i lie to myself. That's it. 

It doesn't matter i can't have you..because i dont hope or want it anymore. Just i remember this little boy that i always used to watch in class. The boy that write and lead the class...the boy-scout that so "chomel" when he shout out in class..and the boy that dance with another partner instead of me. HAHA. I just missed all of those little boy. 

-at least...those memories make me smile- :)

This is your tribute. If i find someone in future..i'll make sure i SHOW OFF to you. and make him PUNCH you hard at your bulgy stomach. haha.

you are..a GOING GOING GONE guy. Bakaa!!!!Sayonara!!!

P/s: I am Not sad because of you anymore. I promise i live my day BETTER without you :)

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