Wednesday, June 15

Training Camp & D.O.M.E

I think June is much brighter with these two present from Arashi!!! haha
I downloaded (dont have enough money to buy the CD :( ....) D.O.M.E concert Scene Tour Arashi 2011. 
just one sentence: Omaigod!!! haha...
Cant stop watch all..and now i think i knew why the price for this DVD is so expensive!!! (Rm 300 something i think..huhu).. of the arashian (nad chan & kwee chan) helped me so much in arashi thingy!!!
So happy to have lots more of arashian!!

Training Camp Arashi 2011.

So funny...Sho kun are super cute...Jun are..Awesome (LOVE)..riida are super duper funny...nino are bratty & masaki are totally tennen-poi (Air-headed)...haha..

they all gather together at the lake near the Mount Fuji (Fuji-san) and have activities together...^_^
so funny...and..i think i cant loving them..for..ever!!! haha...
even they getting old..i'm going to get old with them..Arashi SAIKOU!!! 

From these two pictures...u guys will figure out how them all :)

The picture above is riida & nino...this two guys are sticking together like glue..haha
And in training camp..sho & jun are also close...haha...


I havent finish watch it yet (around 2 hours and 45 mins...)..haha...LONG!!
It's fantastic. it have my fav song (mada ue yo) :)


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