Thursday, June 2

Be Strong!

Be strong FADZLINA ^_^
Let Allah decide it for you.
InsyaAllah..He has a beautiful plan for u instead in future.
Kore kara mo...let's be Happy. 

P/s: Bley ke menipu diri sendiri???

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dyanamastor said...

dear, i may not know ur life story..may not know u much...may not among ur friends..but, after reading this entry (honestly i dont really hv much time to blogwalk lately) huhu, i just wanna say, whatever happens, u'll always have somebody at ur least i am ahhahah...coz for me,that's what arashians do for each other rite? (~_^)

FaDzLiNa said...

thanks my dear! yea...Arashians forever! :)

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