Tuesday, May 10

Arashi - love! :)

It's been long time..i didnt talked about them ne..
by the way..today have few new news from arashi kun! :)
they going to release a new album!! after almost a year! :)
the title is "beautiful World"..and also..the DVD dome release!!!
and...it's quiet sad ne..cause the price is Takaii!!! (expensive)...i think i wont be able to buy both of it ne...
some how...im happy with the news..

and..rite now..i watched their old bangumi (talk programme)...Mago Mago Arashi!!!
it's one of my favs...besides Himitsu no ArashiChan...and VS Arashi and Arashi ni Shiyagare!! :)
all their bangumi...are SUGOI!!!! :)
i love them so much!!! <3

Let's have LOOK of them for 2011!! :)

LOVE!!!! :)

P/s: Nothing can cheer me up except them! :)

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