Thursday, April 28


Today...i finished watching Ghost.'s recommended by Incik Grumpy.
Have 2 seasons. 
I preferred season 1...cause..i fell in love with Zack Imran...haha...
Really love that character by Naz :)
and as always..Cheryl Samad!!....
u rocks gurl :)

Season 1: they investigated Zack Imran murder case... Cheryl (Eza) is the gurl that have the same power like Melissa Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in Ghost Whisperer. She can see and talk with the ghost..So, she & zack imran ghost...investigate and find the murderer. Challenging!

Season 2: Zack imran considered like R.I.P lah...then..come a new ghost, Harum? haha...she has a unique name..but..i like! :P Harum died caused she had been killed by some psiko...this a bit terrible..he killed LOTS! and..Eza got new friends (Alam zainal - played by Anding AF2)...that have some unique power (can know anything if he touched the thingy involved in the murderer case)...also remind me of Ghost Whisperer :) when melissa and her co (which cant see the ghost..but can hear the voices of the dead)...this time..they investigate the Alicia Soo kidnapping case. haha :) Thrill & sad at the end..make me cried! T_T

Watch it guys ( if u dont watch it yet...huhu)  :)

P/s: Love Zack Imran! :)

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khai said...

ghost memang best!haha.. (:

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