Thursday, March 3


It's already March...
two months passed in 2011. 
what did i do in the past 2 months?
except: my proposal presentation (January)..a breakups (February) & March??...Who knows?? must go on...
and me myself..enjoying..all what i have been doing in the last two months. even the events is memorable, hurtful, excited, shameless,...Who cares??? it's just me..being Me

Yeah..i rarely write anymore...because i still try to figure out.."who am i...what i want to be..why i am still doing the same thing for 25 years?"...blah..blah...
i think i already move on to the new phase in my life. i'm being ADULT. at least...i'm trying to. happy with myself. also in DIET mode lately. need to keep the shape up babes. 
i want to look..ordinary..but HOT. (damn..what is HOT is all about?)  haha. 
But..that's is what i'm hunting least..right now.! :)

Love? Ouh no! It's complicated. Dont ask Me. 
Study? Ouh...Hell no. I wish i can finish it ASAP.
Buddies? Ouh..Cool. always! :)
Crushes? Ouh..If only.No options

P/s: We must LOVE ourselves 1st oke!

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