Monday, February 14

Single Life Planning

  • Enjoying her life
  • Appreciate time with friends
  • Sit & watch & scream to Arashi all day!
  • Watching Arashi bangumi 24 hrs
  • Finishing her study in South & go back for good
  • Stay with Single status until she meet the right one for her
  • Going out with Lots of guys (Duh...this one is LAME!) haha
  • Reading lots
  • Clear up things
  • Planning for future
  • Be with Family as many as possible
  • And Sober Up!!!

Trust me...I'll slowly catch up things lately. i don't cried anymore. and...i love my life...even though it still messed up!! haha... 
Now i need to arrange my schedule back...and stop all these crappies. 
Guess I'm ready to move on to my new chapter. 
Bye-bye love. 
Let's us be happy with what we have for now. ^_^

P/s: Fido Dido Mode. Damn!

1 Comment on Script:

USituKAMI said...

wat ever happen stay strong dear..
pasti ade pelangi selepas hujan ;)

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