Tuesday, January 4

Nino & Takeuchi

Haha...i love these pair..i love how nino show that he is SOOO a big fan of Takeuchi Yuko san...
and i even watched VS arashi (NatsuNiji team vs Arashi & Ogura san)..many times..
i just love to watch Nino reaction to takeuchi san!
i thought nino never show that he likes yuko chan...until..i watched Tokyo Friend Park 11 (which he appeared with Sho chan for Yamada Taro Monogatari promo) in year 2007...he can answered all movies/ dramas that yuko chan involved with...OMG!!! such a big fan
(Fan dayou!!! Shouting like sho chan in Vs arashi..haha)..

Few lines of nino...
"i'm welcoming Takeuchi yuko san 10th anniversary this year..that is like..one of my dream..already becoming real"
"she born on 1th april (4)..that's why i said...1 &4 (for falling pipes part)"
"i decided to be stylish today.."
"Dont called me baka"
"i want to sit here...so i can watched her..between these two pipes"...LOL...Hilarious.

haha...Nino chan...Grow up!!
tapi..since yuko chan is Janda (she have one son with her ex-husband)..u can try ur luck!
haha...yuko chan is 3 years older than nino..she's the same age with RIIDA...haha :P
i noticed nino & yuko shared...some kind of same smiling..and their faces...so KAWAIII! :)

and nino so happy when he got chance to appear in the last episode of Natsuniji drama (Matsujun & yuko chan)....haha :P

I wonder when the time called for nino & yuko to act together....Shiawase!!! :)

P/s: dont forget the nagasawa masami chan ne! :P

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nunui Joe said...

sy suka dia! (^^)

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