Wednesday, December 8

Voce awards for Jun kun :)

My Jun kun won the Best beauty CM (Commercial Music) awards...for his works for Fasio! :)

So happy for him!!! :)

*His new short hair....kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

Arashi member, Matsumoto Jun has received the “Best Beauty CM Award” for his Fasio Masliner!   This award is a new section for the “VOCE BEAUTY AWARDS” which is organized by VOCE (beauty magazine) to choose the best cosmetic products of the year.

On December 7th, Matsumoto appeared at the awarding ceremony stating, “When I first got the offer, I thought I would have to be disguised as a woman.  Although I’m surprised to receive this award, I am also very honored.”  He also stated that the reason why his CM received the award is that it was very fresh idea to appoint a guy for a cosmetic CM.

*the Fasio CM*

Source: TokyoHive

P/s: Congrats dear! hehe :P

4 Comment on Script:

.:Farah Liyana:. said...

jambu ;)

FaDzLiNa said...

Ouh...sangat Lovely :P
rambut dia stylo.

zeeto.itu.tyra said...

my god,,
jun-kun handsome !
credits to his hair!

FaDzLiNa said...

@ zeeto: yeah...sangat handsome *melt*

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