Tuesday, November 30


Laugh all day, cry all night,
always saying nothings wrong,
  everything's alright,
never wanting to admit
how you really feel inside
because all you really want
to do is run away and hide
i wish, just wish that..
maybe, just maybe
i could lose myself in a world
that wasn’t my own,
a world where only
you and I exist.
night and day would become
one in the same,
every problem in the world
would melt away.

I wish you would understand- that little comfort made all the difference

I wish we talked about our interests

I wish I hadn't forgotten to thank you for accompanying me when I was scared to walk alone

I wish you knew the depths of my heart

I wish I spoke a sweet word ever so often and made someone's day

this little things....just comes up in my mind...
maybe i'm not a good writer...but..i do have feelings...

p/s: ilysm

2 Comment on Script:

princeduyong said...

as u wish...try harder to make it real...

FaDzLiNa said...

thanks!!! :)

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