Tuesday, November 30

Who Owns My Heart!

She totally grown up.
From a young girl (she remind me...of Hilary Duff)....as Hannah Montana....

to..totally Miley Cyrus!!!

with her current Boyfren, JUSTIN GASTON (20)...

wow...she broke up with LIAM ultimately. haha.

still young!!

by the way....i love her vocals ...so strong!!! :)

p/s: Nice song!!!! :)

1 Comment on Script:

~NaJwA~ said...

soooo truee..i used to love her once..then day after day i started to hate her..but i still love her songs..coz' sme of them are soo inspirational..and i agree with u..her vocals are strong..but i hate herself..i love her oldself more..the times when she's hannah montana and cute little miley..she turned into a whore when she grows up! ughh ;(

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