Friday, November 12

Gossip 2

New Gossip...on Oguri Shun cheated his girlfriend ( i dont even know Hanazawa Rui have girlfriend ne....)
TokyoHive reported Shun kun cheated his girlfriend, Yamada going out with some friend...(describe as A)..and they end up at Love Hotel ne...
Wow!! Shocked!!!

By the way...his girlfriend quite famous deshou....but..i didnt recognize her at all...tak lawa sangat kut...haha
Kuroki Meisa is better!!! :P LOL :P
She is Singer :)

One of her song back in 2007 (Fiesta..Fiesta!)

Shun kun..please...jangan libatkan ur bestfriend ye!!! (Matsujun is his bestfriend after Hanadan & Gokusen) :)

And another thing is: Yuna Ito planning on marriage on 30!!! and now...she is 27 years old ne...(sebaya dengan Nino, Matsujun)..haha...
Yuna Ito Sangat CHANTEK!!!! :)

p/s: Credits to TokyoHive :)

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