Thursday, November 11


Finally....dah dapat FULL SET of cite The Cave of The Golden Roses....

saya AMAT suke cite ni..cite zaman kecik2 dulu...siar kat Tv2...haha
Cite ni..cite Italian...tapi..di subbed pada banyak bahasa termasuk..English :)
suka Tarabas (watak Jahat) dengan Ramuoldo (Hero)...hehe :)

Fantaghirò, portrayed byAlessandra Martines, is the main character of all five films. She is the youngest princess of three, though she is the leader among her sisters. She is outspoken, headstrong and never runs away from a fight. 

Romualdo, portrayed by  Kim Rossi Stuart, is Fantaghirò's true love.

Tarabas, portrayed by Nicholas Rogers, is a wizard. He is initially a very powerful dark wizard who is feared by all magicians in all the kingdoms, but he discovers that it has been prophesized that a royal child no older than ten years will defeat him. Tarabas becomes obsessed with learning how he will be defeated.

p/s: a must watch Fantasy Series! :)

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