Tuesday, November 2


feels like my own life...is so mess up until now. 
everything not going as smooth as i thought. sometimes, i think it is a FATE. but..as a human...we can work hard to change our own FATE with DETERMINATION
muzukashii ne..our life is

24 hours seems not enough for us. for me ...especially. 
LOTS to do...with LOTS of those LAZY feelings.

i'm doomed. & confused
what should i do?
Finish all that i started OR just give up and built a new life??
this is a decision that i need to do by myself.
Being 24 is not easy ( guess what will happened when you are 30 above?)

p/s: As if life can be as easy as i wish for.

2 Comment on Script:

Qhamel said...

relax.. g bilik air, main belon. ok la nanti.

tapi yusry kru ckp, kunyah chewing gum.. ^^

FaDzLiNa said...

thanks! :)

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