Sunday, October 10

Mannequin Five

Tujuan: untuk mencari T-Shirt yang paling seswai untuk santai time SUMMER! :)
jum tengok T-Shirt SHO :)

Sho: This is a Jamaican greeting meaning "One big family". It means everyon's like brothers.

Sho: This is for someone who likes Jamaica or loves music.

Ok..turn Aibaka! :P

Aiba: Mick Jagger! I love vintage clothes. I saw a lot of vintage Bob Marley clothes but I thought I'd go with Mick Jagger. I like the size too.

Aiba: This is vintage though. When it comes to shirts, I get really concerned about the material used and the size.

Move on to Nino (i Love his Shirt so much!!! ) ..but..he ended up as pyjamas ne...huhu x_X

Nino: I like this character very much. The Smurfs. I wanna win with this shirt.

Sho: It's cute!

Nino: I like pictures and drawings. I'm gonna win! It's Smurf so I'll definitely win!

Riida T-Shirt...Suit him so Much!! LOL

Ohno: This is Barry McGee's. It's an American deisgner's shirt. I love this kind of drawing. I think it fits me.

Sho and Aiba: You mean the drawing right?

Ohno: It's drawn on the underside.

Nino: It's stylish.

 Lastly...from my ICHIBAN...hehe...Maiko Raglan T-Shirt..haha :P

Jun: It's raglan.

Jun: I love this style and everyone loves Micheal Jackson right? Coz he's the "King of Pop".
Sho: It's MJ (Micheal Jackson) to MJ (Matsujun)

Jun: That's right!

The winner is Riida T-shirt, and nino is the loser ne...he reli disappointed! haha :P 

p/s: Who did u choose?? i choose Nino & Jun & Ohno! :P

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kiwietoshi said...

eeehhhhhhhhhhh.. i love nino's shirt ne.. why why HWY he got the last place??.. TT i havent dwnload it yet because im at kedah.. not at my home town.. conenction at kedah sucks.. TT and riidaaaaaaa.. he looks totally dark arent him??.. pfffttt, i dont like his tshirt.. it looks weird.. i like him in snoppy tshirt.. kawaiiii.. =P

Choki-Choki said...

i also fall for nino's t shirt..huhu..
i dunno why the girls didnt like his shirt..
they said that his shirt is sooo "amine" type...huhu

kiwietoshi said...

the girls are weird.. ahahaha, they got a different taste.. sometimes japanese fashions are just plain weird.. idk why i said so but sometimes it can make my eyes sore.. remember the special mannequin five where sho kun got the first place??.. i dont really like sho kun outfit ne.. plus riida's too.. the yellow shirt is just too bright!.. =D matsu jun was perfect!.. i like his outfits.. i dont wish to go on a date with a guy who wears like sho did in the sho.. its goin to be a total turn off.. =D

Choki-Choki said...

yea..yea..i agree with you...
seems like they tried to give comment to much to arashi mannequin ne
i start to love this show!
i mean..Himitsu no Arashi Chan :)

kiwietoshi said...

i think before they can start commenting on arashi's choice of clothing, they shuld 1st see themselves in the mirror.. ahaha.. =D

i like hna because hna is one of the funniest show.. ive completed watching g no arashi.. g no arashi is another funny show too.. XD~

Choki-Choki said...

haha...i finish the Hna 1st ne...
it's still on going :)
not bad :)
g no arashi?? sounds good.

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