Monday, October 18

Let it Go

i learnt something this weekend. learn how to let IT go...yes. i let go few of my friends. from my list.
it's over. everything is OVER. it's not..i hate them...just...i learn to give & take. i love what i have now...
why should i let go what i have now...for something...i dont even know the future of it. Dem you!!

it is quiet disappointed...i cried and Moody so much for that. until...i talked & shouted at this one person.
it precious..when the one u think will mad at really..lend his/her ears for you...
thank you. even eyes filled with tears after i told everything. I am so sorry for this Messy things i did.

i shouldnt treasure the past things so much...and...i try my best...not to look after my OLD stuff again after this.
what pass is passed. and ...i LET IT GO.
there is no way we can be friend anymore. i set us free.
from now ON ....
& i will not be sad for this...again!!!

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