Monday, October 4

Fav series (part 1)

since season 8 da mula keluar's talk about them! hehe.
nama series ni: ONE TREE HILL. mesti semua penah dengar kan..kan?  haha.

ikot cite ni..since 2008...and ada all of the seasons..haha.
paling minat on season 3 & 4 & 5 :)

on season's all about introduction, life in campus, and...a love triangle...and end up with nathan & haley marriage! :)

masuk Season 2..once triangle (Lucas & Brooke & peyton)..and all mixed up! haha..

season 3: nothing much here :)'s fun to watch! :)

:) on season 4, i loved the high school prom and everything. and lucas & peyton is end up together :) nice!

coming back in season 5 is...5 years after the high school life. and..this was a very interesting seasons. Nate & haley got a son :P and lucas & peyton fight back for their lost love :)

and season 6: is the happy ending for lucas & peyton. they are married!! :)

a bit disappointed, in season 7, they cut two main charaters, lucas & peyton...tak tahu kenapa...and it makes the whole seasons...a bit slow :(

and now...they start airing the season 8..haha :) let's see how their progress! eventhough..i miss lucas & peyton to come back in the series. huhu :(

now..let's roll on the characters!!!

 Hilarie as PEYTON SAWYER (and i love her so much!!! ) :)


and...Bethany as HALEY JAMES

 and in season five..we can see this boy :P

cute?? yes! James Lucas Scott...anak Nathan & haley...

watak2 laen..i'm not reli interested to upload! haha :)

p/s: lets see how season 8 stories!

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