Monday, September 27

ARASHI (The Storm)

this one group..really..inspired me so much last few years. i love them. i want to meet them..i want to talk with them..and i do adore them SO MUCH!! :)

wanna talk about them one by one ne! :P

the first one would be..RIIDA...OHNO SATOSHI
this guy is amazing..his voice..his dance..but really..a quiet one in the group..didnt talk much..but..have a very funny character inside him ne...
was born on 26.11.1980 ( still not too old ne ) hehe..
really..if u guys watched, act, singing...he just amazing! the gameshow..or anything like talkshow..he didnt talked so much...he preferred to be so quiet..hehe..

he acted in some of this dorama:

Maou (really show he is the best ne)

Uta no Oniisan (the best performer i ever seen from him)

he is the best...and the latest & the best from Kaibutsukun! :)

what else i can say about him??? i just Love him! hehe

we move on to the 2nd important person in this group..he is the spokeperson in this group ne...SAKURAI SHO / SHO CHAN/ SAKURAP!!
this guy is sugoiii na!!!was born on 25.1.1982..

he is just amazing to talk about..
i never let my eyes fall for him..not until i watched him in The Quiz Show2 ne..

this is the best drama from him (my opinion) :) he act before in kisarazu:the cats eyes..but i adored him started from the quiz show dorama :P
after that..he acted in Tokujo Kabachi...Thumbs Up once again!! :)

(Melt)...hehe..i even melt when i saw the news ne (he is the newscaster at Zero station Tv)

waaa....he is really..sugoii ne! he raps in arashi..he is the spokeperson..hehe..and..he always humble with all he had done to this group...i admired him too!! love him! :)

next...third Aiba Masaki ne..
about this guy..frankly..i think he is baka ne!!! baka so much..but..nice to see him in arashi. he is wonderful..
was born on 24.12.1982..he is AIBAKA/AIBACHAN!! :)

he had this unique voice in arashi a robot! hehe..
i know he act in this drama ..MY GIRL

i love this drama..but didnt finish watching it..hehe..will look forward after this! :) he is also..the host for Tensai Shimura doutbutsu ne...(zoo Shimura) with pan kun (monkey) :P

hehe...he is nice. i half-love him! :P

next person..i think he is the most kawaii guy in arashi...Ninomiya Kazunari(Nino,Kazunari (called by riida only)) :)

was born on 17.6.1983..he had a wonderful talent..he can play guitar..he can composed the song, he can sing very well (live) and..he is the Game otaku (he is addicted to mario Wii lately) :P

his dramas? he act in lots dorama..but only i like which i highlight here ne..

minami no koibito (he is kawaii) :P

Stand up (Damn Funny) :P

Ryusei no Kizuna (the good brother) :P

the latest drama from Ohaku & Gantz & about the guy-seller home properties (cant wait) :P
he is great. i fall for him too :P

the last...& my only MOST LOVE2 guy in arashi is Matsumoto Jun!! (DoS, Matsujun, Jun kun, Jun Chan) :)

suki dayoou!!! :P

was born on 30.8.1983...makes the youngest in the group..he had the unique voice as well ( i dont preferred him in singing)...but..he has the GREAT character in acting ne...i fell for Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2

he played the Doumyouji role..really works on him ne..
besides, he also act in Gokusen 1

and then..come Kimi Wa Petto :)

afterthat is HanaDan phenomenas ne...everything is just good
and come out as hanadan final :)

( i fall so much for this drama ne) :P

since hanadan..come out with Bambino (ahhhh....love3) :P

after Bambino..he come out with Smile ( i dont like this drama...huhu ) slow drama! x_X

hehe...and the latest drama from (too long to remember) :P

WELL...Sugoii ne ARASHI!!! :)
i love THEM much! no matter what people said

p/s: amik ni dr blog lama yang telah dihacked oleh hacker...Indon. hampeh!!!!

1 Comment on Script:

♥♥LiTTLeGirLz♥♥ said...

jun-chan the drama-ouji!!!
Sho-chan kakkoi!! (even he can't sport) but bile tgk dia kat zero... aaaa~ cair!!!!!!!!
love him dalam citer tokujo kabachi!!!!
ohno... makin lama makin muda... ape agak er rahsia dia ek.... x macam orang 30 tahun... lagi2 dalam kaibutsu-kun
nino... aaaa~ kodomo mitai!!!!!
paling kedekut dalam arashi...
aiba.... ok.. got to admit. dulu time first2 kenal arashi memang kureng minat la kat dia... but now....., tanpa aiba, arashi won't be lively!!! arashi's trully moodmaker and also the "miracle child" :)nampak kebapaan dia dalam My Girl

Arashi minna-san....,
gambatte kudasai ne.....!!!!!
Soba ni iru kara~

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